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Frequently Asked Questions

April 18, 2019 Chyna Brown Frequently Asked Questions

-What programs do you offer?

Brown Beauty Barber School offers Cosmetology (1500 hrs), Barber (1000 hrs), Instructor Training(650 hrs), Natural Hair Stylist (210 hrs),Refresher (275 hrs), Makeup Designory Certification (84 hrs) Courses.

-How much will it cost for me to attend?*

Tuition, Books and Kit Total: Cosmetology $13,600,Barber $12,200,Instructor $7200,Natural Hair Stylist $1700, Refresher $2450, MUD Makeup $2447

-What is included in the kit?*

Each kit is customized every year. Kits are filled with the latest and greatest professional kit material that should last the student well over 2 years after graduation.Students enrolled in the Cosmetology or Barber program will get a 22 inch rolling duffle bag, mannequin heads and stand, clips, brushes, combs, shears, clippers,hot tools, capes, a technology package including a tablet/ipad,geek squad protection, and a case, plus more!

-What is the class schedule?

Brown Beauty Barber School designed a Work/Life Friendly schedule where students only meet Monday - Wednesday from 8:30-5pm.

-Do we get breaks?

Yes! Brown Beauty Barber School observes all Federal Holidays. Students will also get a Winter and Summer Break.

-How long does it take to graduate?

Graduation depends largely on attendance. Students can get a max of 96 hours per month. The longest program is Cosmetology, which takes 1 year and 3 months to complete.Barbering is 1000 Hours and takes 11 months to complete.Instructor is 650 Hours and takes 7 months to complete.

-What are your Enrollment Requirements?

The student must be 18 years or older with a High School Diploma or GED, Official Transcript,Social Security Card, and Valid Driver’s License. The student must tour, set up a payment plan prior to enrolling and pay their $100 Registration Fee. Students using FAFSA should visit and complete their application and select our school. After, student should visit and complete their Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note.

-When is the next class?

Classes Start two times a year, in the Winter (January) and Summer (June). We also offer a Fall (August) class. Some classes we offer Early Enrollment.

-Is there Job Placement offered?

Our school does not place students but we do introduce students ,over their time with us, to our large network of industry professionals who LOVE to hire our students!

-What forms of payments do you accept to pay for school?

Brown Beauty Barber School accepts Direct Loans, Pell Grants, VA, PACT, Cash and outside Scholarships.*

-Are there any Enrollment specials?

Yes! Currently we are waiving Registration Fees for those who Tour and Enroll (brings all 4 Enrollment Requirements same day as tour ) and Veterans. We also are including the MUD Course and Kit for FREE for a LIMITED time!*

-Do you have any scholarships ?

Yes! We have 2 Mannequin Contests per year where students who place can earn tuition credit and we have a need based scholarship funded through our charity Be Good to Yourself.*

-How do I obtain my License?

Students must maintain a 70+ GPA and have a 67% Attendance Average. Once a student completes their hours, and are financially cleared, the school will send their hours to the Alabama Board of Cosmetology. The student must then schedule their Written Exam. Once the Written is passed, the student must schedule their Practical Exam and pass that as well.

-Will I be prepared to pass my Licensing exams?

Brown Beauty Barber School takes PRIDE in our 100% state licensing pass rate.Students are prepped for stateboard from Day 1 of class. By the time students are seniors they will have reviewed all state licensing requirements at least 3 times. Students also get at least one month of State Board Written and Practical exam training; as well as have online access to practice taking Written exams, as part of their technology package.

Do students perform services on clients?

Yes, Brown Beauty Barber School has a Full Service Student Training Salon, that accepts scheduled appointments and walk-ins.Students are able to perform services after they complete 15% of their hours.

-How can I contact the school?


Facebook: Brown Beauty Barber School


Phone: 205-424-4247 (HAIR)

-What are your Business Hours?

Monday-Wednesday 9am-4pm

Thursday 10pm-4pm, By appointment

*Tuition is subject to increase by 10% yearly.Brown Beauty Barber School reserves the right to terminate any special or scholarship. Student kits are subject to change by content and/or price. FAFSA is not guaranteed to everyone,yet those who are eligible.

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